State kills wolf in Ferry County

Roger Harnack

The state Department of Fish and Wildlife confirmed late Tuesday that a sharpshooter killed a wolf in the Old Profanity Territory pack July 13.
The wolf was killed after the pack attacked and killed livestock July 6.
The current pack — and its predecessor, the Profanity Peak Pack — has a long history of attacks on livestock grazing in the Kettle Ridge area of Ferry County.
Area cattlemen want the current pack extirpated.
Fish and Wildlife Director Kelly Susewind, so far, has only authorized culling the pack.
He made the decision to incrementally remove pack members July 10 in reaction to the continued depredations in the area.
The Old Profanity Territory pack attacked killed at least three livestock and injured 13 last summer, which prompted the agency to kill two wolves — one on Sept. 16 and the other Sept. 28.