State Senate passes bill to adopt California emissions

Roger Harnack

Lawmakers are coming for your trucks and SUVs.
On a 26-22 vote Monday, Democrats in the state Senate approved Senate Bill 5811 directing the state Department of Ecology to adopt and enforce California's Zero Emission Vehicle regulations here.
The bill, if it becomes law, would penalize truck- and SUV-makers, but reward manufacturers that sell electric and hybrid vehicles in the state.
Under the regulations, the state would give credits to manufacturers that produce and sell low- or zero-emission vehicles in Washington. At the same time, the state would set a quota for manufacturers on the number of vehicles that consume more fuel (like pickups and SUVs). The manufacturer would be able to use the credits to adjust the quota to bring in more pickups and SUVs than the quota allows.
The bill now moves onto the Democrat-controlled House.