Stevens County Commissioners consider resolution supporting 51st state division

Mel Anderson | Statesman-Examiner
Mel Anderson
S-E Staff Reporter

Renee Holiday met with the Stevens County Commissioners Tuesday to discuss splitting Washington into two separate states at the Cascade mountains. The proposed 51st state, which encompasses the eastern half of Washington, would be named Liberty.

Partitioning a state is not unheard of, but it rarely happens. The last time a state partitioned was in 1863 when West Virginia broke from Virginia. Partition proposals have been active in Washington and other states for more than a decade.

“This movement is different than all the other ones so far. What’s different about this movement is the leader, Matt Shea,” Holiday said.

Shea is a member of the House of Representatives. According to their website, Shea’s “vision is to see a God-honoring Constitutional Republic restored.” Proposals have historically been based on party lines, separating the liberal leaning west from the more conservative east.

Holiday asked the commissioners to sign a resolution to be sent to Congress asking to be divided from western Washington.

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