Stevens County local election results start to come in

Staff Writer

First returns of local votes from tonight's elections just came in. Another count will take place next Friday.
County Commission, District 1:
Incumbent Wes McCart, a Republican, received 1,227 votes for a 67.75% margin.
Michael Bell, a Democrat, netted 608 votes, or a 32.25% margin.
The two candidates now go on to the Nov. 3 General Election.
County Commission, District 3:
Two challengers bested incumbent Steve Parker, a Republican, who received
575 votes, of 23.96%.
Malcolm Friedman, who has no party affiliation, took top place of five candidates with 769 votes, or 32.04%. He was followed closely by Greg Young, a Republican, who scored 618 votes, or 25.75%.
Friedman and Young now face off in the Nov. 3 General Election.
In that race, Christal Olivia Irwin, unaffiliated, received 179 votes, of 7/46% and Dewey "Dude" Simmons, a Republican, got 259, or 10.79%.
Governor's Race:
Republican Loren Culp finished at the top of a crowded list of gubernatorial candidates in Tuesday's primary by capturing 2,666 of local votes, or 39.58%.
In second place with local votes was incumbent Jay Inslee, a Democrat, who received 1,691 votes, or 25.10%.
The results of other candidates will be posted tomorrow.
Lt. Governor:
Marty McClendon, a Republican, scored first locally for Lt. Governor with 1,447 votes or 23.54% of the vote.
Coming in second was Ann Davison Sattier, also a Republican, who received 888 votes, or 14.44%.
Other results will be posted tomorrow.
Secretary of State:
Imcumbent Kim Wyman, a Republican, netted 4,627 votes, for a 70.83% margin.
Coming in second on the local front was Gael Tarleton, a Democrat, with 1,578 votes, or 24.15%.
Attorney General:
Matt Larkin, a Republican, received 2,287 votes, or 35.17% of the vote for attorney general, beating out local support for incumbent Bob Ferguson, a Democrat, who received 1,928 votes, or 29.65%.
Congressional District 5:
Incumbent Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, a Republican, pulled far ahead of four challengers with 3,865 votes, or 58.67%.
She was followed by Dave Wilson, a Democrat, who received 1,057 votes, or 15.04%.
Chris Armitage, a Democrat, netted 626 votes ,or 9.50%; Stephen Major, a R
epublican, was given 893 votes, or 13.55%; and Brendon O'Regan, an Independent, 147 votes, or 2.23%.
State Auditor:
In the three-way race for State Auditor, Republican Chris Leyba took 4,476 local votes, or 69.08%. Coming in second was incumbent Patrice McCarthy, a Democrat, with 1,547 votes, or 23.88%.
Joshua Casey, a Democrat who received 456 votes, or 7.04%.
Superintendent of Public Instruction:
Ron Higgins, a Republican, was favored for Superintendent of Public Instruction with 1,810 votes, or 32.67%/
Maria Espinoza, also a Republican, was second pick with 1,305 votes, or 23.55%. Third place went to Chris Reykdal, a Democrat, with 1,102 votes, or 19.89%
Other results will be posted tomorrow.
Commissioner of Public Lands:
Incumbent Hilary Franz, a Democrat, captured 1,606 votes, or 23.38%. In second place on the local front was Sue Kuehl Pederson, a Republican, with 1,509 votes, or 23.85%. Third place went to Steve Sharon, also a Republican, with 1,271 votes, or 20.09%