Stevens County primary voting rate rises to 57.87%

Staff Writer

Stevens County Auditor Lori Larsen certified the 2020 primary election on Aug. 18 and reported a final ballot return rate of 57.87%.

Her office mailed out ballots mailed to 32,242 registered voters for the Aug. 4 election and 18,981were returned.

Following are the final results in local, state and federal races. The top two contenders for each contest move forward to the Nov. 3 general election:
Commissioner, District 1

In the final count, incumbent Wes McCart , Republican, widened his lead over Democratic challenger Michael Bell. McCart received 71% of the vote, or 3,966 ballots to Bell's 1,519 votes, or 27.38%.

Commissioner, District 2
Malcom Friedman, no listed party affiliation, came in first at the local level with 1,980 votes, or 31.81% He was followed closely by Republican challenger Greg Young who received 1,602 votes, or 25.75%. Incumbent Steve Parker, also a Republican, was given 1,416 votes, or 22.75%.
Friedman and Young will now move on to the Nov. 3 election and Parker will finish his term at the end of 2020.

Congressional District 5
U.S. Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, a Republican, received 11,514 ballots in Stevens County, or 62.62% of the vote. Coming in second was Dave Wilson, a Democrat, with 2,954 ballots, or 14.11%.
District-wide, McMorris Rodgers captured 52,73% of the vote, or 122,663 ballots. Wilson netted 56,483 votes, or 24.28%.

Republic Police Chief Loren Culp, a Republican, captured 8,069 local votes, or 42.9% of return ballots. Incumbent Jay Inslee, a Democrat, received less than half that number, with 3,962 votes, or 21.06%. However, at the state level, Inslee scored 1,247,903 votes, or 50.14%, compared to Culp's 433,192 votes, or 17.41%. Culp emerged in second place from 35 contenders, about half of whom were Republicans.

Lieutenant Governor
Republican Marty McClendon was given 4,513 votes, or 26.54% of ballots cast. He was followed by Joseph Brumbles, also a Republican, who received 2,488 votes, or 14.63%.
Incumbent Denny Heck, a Democrat, netted 1,597 votes locally, or 9.39%, but came in first statewide with 596,285 votes, or 25%. McClendon was in second place with 271,956 votes, or 11.4%.

Secretary of State
Incumbent Kim Wyman, a Republican, captured first place locally in the Secretary of State race with 13,438 votes, or 74.2%. Her Democratic rival, Gael Tarleton, took 3,661 votes, or 20.2%. Wyman held the lead statewide with 1,238,3569 votes, or 50.88%. Tarleton, the second place finisher, received 1,053,572 votes, or 43.29%.

State Treasurer
Incumbent Duane Davidson, a Republican, captured 75.92% of local ballots, or 13,703. Trailing with 4,319 votes, or 23.93% was Democrat Mike Pellicciotti, who surged ahead at the state level with 1,279,434 votes, or 53.22%, to Davidson's 1,121,786, or 46.67%.

State Auditor
Chris Leyba, a Republican, took 72.5% of the vote, or 13,017 ballots cast, compared to incumbent Patrice McCarthy, a Democrat, who received 3,726 votes, or 20.78%. Statewide, McCarthy took first with 1,134,065 votes, or 47.41%, to Leyba's 982,314, or 41.07%.

Attorney General
Republican Matt Larkin beat out incumbent Bob Ferguson, a Democrat, on the county level with 6,465 votes, or 36.03%. Ferguson received 4,572 local votes, or 25.48%, but roared ahead at the state level with 1,356,209 votes, or 55.8%. He was followed by Larkin with 545,429 votes, or 23.67%.

Commissioner of State Lands
Top spot at the county level went to Sue Kuehl Pederson, a Republican, with 56,484 votes, or 31.54%. Incumbent Hilary Franz, a Democrat, received 4,013 votes, or 23.08%. Statewide, Franz moved ahead to catpure 1,211,298 votes, or 51.13%. Pederson was second with 554,102 votes, or 23.39%.

Superintendent of Public Instruction
Ron Higgins, a Republican, scored 5,670 local votes, or 36. 65%, with Maia Espinoza, also a Republican, coming in second with 3,649 local votes, or 23.59%. Chris Reykdal, the Democratic incumbent, received 2,912 county votes, or 18.82%, but took the lead statewide with 898,944 votes, or 40.24%, compared to Espinoza's 564,654 votes, or 25.28%.

Insurance Commissioner
Republican Chirayu Avinash Patel earned 9,846 local votes, or 56.56%. Incumbent Mike Kreidler, a Democrat, received 4,920 votes, or 28.26%. Statewide, Kreidler received 1,402,633 votes, or 59.03%, to Patel's 644,383 votes, or 27.12%.

District 7 representatives
Position One
Incumbent Rep. Jacquelin Maycumber, a Republican, received 76.135 of the 13,876 ballot cast. Her Democrat challenger, Georgia D. Davenport, got 4,310 votes, or 23.65%.
District-wide, Maycumber scored 40,259 votes, or 72.53%, to Davenport's 15,152 ballots, or 27.3%.

Position Two
Incumbent Rep. Joel Kretz, a Republican, captured 14,002 local votes, or 79.34%, compared to 3,583 votes, or 20.3% given to contender JJ Wandler, an Independent.
District-wide, Kretz was given 41,169 votes, or 76.6% to Wandler's 12,320 votes, or 22.92%.