Stevens County voters weigh-in Nov. 2 on candidates, measures

Staff Writer

Republican Mark Burrows bested his Republican challenger, Jeff Pitts, for the District 2 seat on the Stevens County Commission by a wide margin in early returns of the Nov. 2 general election.
The elections department counted 6,900 ballots out of about 34,000 sent to registered voters and Burrows took 60.30% to Pitts' 39.70%.
Following are the results in other contested races:
M Gregory McCunn took 67.6% of the vote for Mayor of Chewelah, well over the 32.34$ captured by opponent Ashley Ludwick.
Position 1 on the Chewelah City Council went to Tracy Ling with 54.34% of the vote. Silas Rappe scored 45.63%.
Position 2 on the Chewelah City Council was taken by Aaron Alvarado with 65.79% of the vote. Challenger Sean Peterson received 34.21%.
The At-Large position on the Chewelah City Council will be held by John H. Kabosky with 55.21% of the vote, compared to Christy's Smith's 44.79%.
Nancy Foll will keep her Position 4 seat on the Colville City Council with 53.01% of the vote. Her challenger, Brandon Hatch, took 46.99%.
Position 3 on the Colville City Council went to Thomas Carpenter with 56.42% of the vote. His challenger, Tracy Fitzgerald, received 43.58%.
The At-Large position on the council will be taken by Dick Nichols with 57.64% of the vote. Greg Chamber received 42.36%.
Jesse Garrett will be the new mayor of Kettle Falls with 64.16% of the vote, besting Mike Eakins, who received 35.84%.
The Director 2 seat on the Kettle Falls School District board went to Jaya Fowler with 56.38% of the vote. She beat out Tyler Edwards with 43.72%.
Brett McKern takes the At-Large seat on the Kettle Falls School District board with 53.22% of the vote, up from Kay Snider's 46.78%.
Judith M. Bean was elected to the Director 1 seat on the Chewelah School District board with 58.04% of the vote. Challenger Bill Lacy received 41.96%.
Director 2 on the Chewelah School Board will be Steve Phillips with 50.18% of the vote. Opponent Kyra Rolstad was given 49.65%.
The levy for the Chewelah School District was approved by a 58.62% margin.
Dave Naff beat challenger Jean M. Malisheski for the Director 1 seat on the Colville School District board. Naff took 58.195 of the vote to Malisheski's 41.81%.
Joseph Schweitzer received 52.29% of the vote for the Director 3 position on the Colville School District board, several points over challenger Lisa Button's 47.71%.
Joe Fazzari emerged as the top choice for Director 4 on the Colville School District board with 59.04% of the vote, compared with opponent Emma Romo's 40.96%.
Robert “Bob” Gumm swept the District 5 seat on the Colville School District board with 58.05% of the vote. Challenger Rob Sumner received 41.95%.
Stevens County voted strongly to repeal three legislative tax increases in the Nov. 2 general election.
The vote to repeal Advisory Vote No. 36 scored 79.75% of the vote compared to 20.25% to maintain.
On Advisory Vote No. 37, 81.98% voted for repeal, with 18.02% to maintain.
Advisory Vote No. 38 was also a repeal vote by 80.70% with 19.30% voting to maintain.
Contested races in Wellpinit for school board position were also decided Tuesday:
Angie Matt received 61.97% of the vote for Director 1 compared to Camille Wynecoop's 38.03%.
Director 2 went to Teresa “Terry” Payne by a 54.29% margin over Timothy J. Wynecoop's 45.71%.
In Nine Mile Falls, Greg Flemming took the Director 5 position on the school board with 61.44% of the vote, over Elise McCrorie's 38.56%.
The Summit Valley School District levy was approved by a 54.74% margin.
Pam Wilson was given the Director 4 position on the Evergreen School District board by a 67.50% margin. Her opponent, Nichole Veenhuizen receive 32.50% of the vote.
In Orient, Mary Robbins won the Director 1 seat on the school board with 51.11% of the vote.
Challenger Pennie Lindsey netted 48.89%.
The Upper Columbia Pool District received approval for a levy by an 83.47% margin. The no vote was 16.53%.
More election results will be posted tomorrow.
Another count will take place Friday about noon and results will be posted as soon as they are received from the Stevens County Elections Office.