Stray Corner: Take me home!

Homer is one of those loveable hound dogs. He’s very young, so this guy likes to jump and play. Homer is good with other dogs. He is possibly a mix of Beagle Harrier and Walker Hound. Terri (not her real name) is a cute little girl. She is probably a Wire-Haired Terrier mix. She weighs only 18 pounds. She was found, lost.Kato is a seven-month-old Black Lab mix. He is very playful and energetic and lives with several children ages three to 17. He just loves to play with them. Kato is learning not to jump and he does well on a leash. He likes to grab your hand when you put his leash on his collar, or take it off. He has been learning not to do that. Kato gets a treat and forgets that he wants to play. That’s working well. He is also crate trained. Kato will let you know when a stranger is approaching. He was just neutered and is current on all his shots, except for rabies. He is listed for his owner, and is not a Colville Pet Rescue dog.Jelly Bean is a young boy. We think he is under one-year of age. This guy is a Black Lab mix. When a volunteer transported him, he rode very well. L He also got a hamburger as a treat and he took it very gently. When it was time to go into the kennel, he was lifted from the car and then he went into the kennel without a problem. When you meet him, he will bark, roll his eyes and do the bark and stomp. It’s all very cute. Call Jeanie at 675-8484 for more information.Stray animals at the City Shelter are held for three days before they are put up for adoption. They may stay at that animal control facility at 349 Lewis Perras Road in Colville for another four to five days, if there is room, before being released to Colville Pet Rescue. Colville Pet Rescue lists City Shelter dogs on its website as a courtesy to the city of Colville.Call the City Shelter at 684-3131 if you have lost a dog, found a dog or want to adopt a dog. You will get a recording, but your call will be returned.To adopt a dog through Colville Pet Rescue, visit our website at or, or call Jeanie (675-8484).Donations are gratefully accepted through PayPal on that site, or can be dropped off at Barman’s in downtown Colville.Volunteers are needed to foster, transport, write grants, do fund-raisers, etc.Please spay and neuter your pets. It’s the only way to stop this heart-breaking situation with unwanted animals.UPDATE: No adoptions this week.