Students celebrate in Quito during formal dedication ceremony

Roger Harnack

Colville Interact students wrapped up their Thursday dancing to Ecuadorian and other music at the grand opening celebration of a newly remodeled dental clinic at Albergue San Juan de Dios.
The Catholic mission provides homeless services in a poor area of the capital city of Ecuador.
The festivities concluded a day that started late with some students stuck in traffic.
The party began at about 2:30 p.m.
Prior to the grand opening celebration, Colville Interact assisted with sweeping and mopping floors, cleaning dormitories, assisting in physical therapy sessions and cooking lunch for the homeless.
One Colville work detail drew the short straw and ended up descaling and cleaning mullet and other fish in preparation for Wednesday night's dinner at the shelter.
For the party, Colville Interact was joined by residents of the shelter, Quito Interact youth, clergy and others.
The party included a ribbon cutting, singing, dancing, cake and a blessing of the shelter.
Quito Rotarians also took time to recognized Colville students for their service.
And during the festivities, each student and chaperone received a "diploma" for completing their work at the shelter.
The banquet wrapped up most of the volunteer work being performed by the students.
On Friday, Colville Interact will attend a Quito Rotary breakfast at the Dann Carlton Hotel before heading into the old part of Quito, which dates back approximately 500 years.
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