Suspects charged in gruesome murder case in Stevens County

S-E Staff Reporter

Three people have been charged in the murder of Shane Christopher Rapp.

Stevens County Sheriff’s deputies began investigating the death of 28-year-old Rapp in March after his decomposing body was found under a pile of wooden pallets near Bonanza Hill Road in Evans.

The case, which had previously been dismissed, was broken open when Rapp’s estranged wife Ashley Chappelle, 25, gave an account of the October 2016 killing.

Her confession came after spending more than a month in jail on suspicion of burglary and 18 counts of identify theft in October of this year, according to court records.
Her confession also led to the arrest of Daniell Jones, 24, and his wife Karysa Jones, 22.

The trio appeared in court on Dec. 11 as a judge ordered them to be held on $500,000 bonds.

According to court records, Chappelle began planning against Rapp after his outburst against their daughter for spilling gasoline. Chappelle stated she was scared of him and considered a divorce.

Chappelle told Karysa Jones, a co-worker and friend, about Rapp’s behavior. To which Jones replied she “could take care of this.”

Chappelle explained how they lured Rapp to the Joneses' house with the promise of marijuana. Court records detailing investigator's findings explained that during a walk through a forested area near the home Daniell Jones pulled a hammer from his back pocket and struck Rapp in the head. He continued to hit Rapp in the face.

Chappelle confessed in court that the killing was “all her fault,” but that she did it to protect her kids.

While all three face the same charge of murder, Chappelle and Karysa Jones are considered accomplices.

The full story is available online here or by picking up the Dec. 20, 2017 edition of the S-E.