Temporary signalization in place at Northport bridge

Earlier this month, WSDOT crews installed a temporary traffic signal system on the SR 25/Columbia River Bridge at Northport in Stevens County (MP 114), about five miles south of the Canadian border.

The signal allows single-lane, alternating traffic, across the 1,500-foot long structure. Drivers should expect short delays.

In addition, crews will make adjustments to the counter balance weights at the bridge ends.

Traffic is now being controlled without the need for staffed flagging crews, WSDOT said.

With signalized control, and the revised counter balance, the current “one truck at a time” restriction has been lifted, WSDOT said. However, the bridge will remain restricted to legal loads only. No overweight or oversize loads will be allowed until further notice.

An in-depth assessment and review of the bridge, which was built in 1948, discovered corrosion. Heavy rust has penetrated large bolts on the north and south ends of the bridge, WSDOT said. The bolts connect the steel trusses to the piers.

WSDOT bridge engineers have designed a temporary counter balance to reduce the stress on the bolts while plans and specifications for permanent repairs are formulated.

WSDOT records show that approximately 500 to 800 vehicles use the steel truss bridge on a daily basis. Trucks comprise about 40 percent of that total.

WSDOT reminds motorists that it’s important to abide by the temporary traffic signalization on each end of the bridge.