Think ahead to warmer weather and bicycles

Katie Leithead | S-E Staff Reporter
Katie Leithead
S-E Staff Reporter

Stix and Spokes specializes in winter sports gear and bikes

On days where there’s barely any snow on the ground it’s hard not to think of spring and the perfect cycling weather it can bring.

Chewelah’s Stix and Spokes owner Wes Porter has been focused on skis and snowboards since he opened his doors in December, but the other half of his business is all about bicycles.

The most popular type of bike depends on the area. In Boise, Idaho, where Porter is originally from, there were many high-end bikes, the average one costing around $2,000. In Stevens County, there are quite a few department store bikes, but Porter sees the most low-end bike shop bikes, ranging between $400 - $600.

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