Tough Enough gallops into spring

After this year’s long, cold winter, the Tough Enough ladies are welcoming spring in with our annual “Manure Mania” fertilizer sale fundraiser.

“Manure Mania” is scheduled for April 22 and 23r and again April 29 and 30 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day, in the Maruji and Raines parking lot located near the southend roundabout. Added to this year's sales are “Krispy Kremes” doughnuts. For sale are pre-bagged 50 – 80 pound bags of composted cow manure for $5 a bag. You may pre-order your bags of “fertilizer” or make an appointment for a truckload by calling Cindy Baskin at (509) 684-1710.

"This year we are so excited to welcome several new and younger ladies to our Team," said Baskin. "After almost 20 years of participating in, and organizing an equestrian drill team, I have seen a lot of gals come and go over the years. Each season is a process of evolution for all of us on the Team. My emphasis and enjoyment has always come from working with the younger gals."

Along with new riders, come new horses to train for drill.

"Not only do we focus on improving our riding skills, but we also work on improving our horses’ skills, too," Baskin noted. "Our horses are the star athletes in this program. We talk about and emphasize the critical roles that conditioning and nutrition play in keeping our horses sound so that they can perform at their peak. Vaccination and worming schedules, and proper hoof care are also stressed."

In preparation for the 2017 riding season, the Team began meeting early in March and learning this year’s drill routine on foot.

The Tough Enough ladies are looking forward to a fantastic season this year with scheduled performances at the Arden Old Timers Rodeo on May 20 at the Methow Valley Rodeo in Winthrop, the Clayton Rodeo July 21 - 22, and the Ferry County Fair in Republic over Labor Day weekend in September.

The money raised in the team's “Manure Mania” and “Krispy Kremes” sales help them afford equipment, insurance and travel expenses to attend these rodeos.

"We are deeply grateful for the community support we receive," said Baskin. "We hope you will come cheer us on at one of our rodeos this season."