Town and Country Days: the stories behind the booths

Almira McDonald | S-E Intern
Almira McDonald
S-E Intern

The Junior Class at Kettle Falls High School took advantage of their new advanced wood shop technology and spent hours outside of class time to make coasters, key chains, cutting boards, crate, and stools to raise money for their class.

They also held a silent auction for an outstanding picnic table made by Bubs Snyder, one of the juniors at KFHS participating in this event.

The class wanted to utilize the opportunity that they have to use state of the art equipment acquired by the high school through a grant that went through two years ago.

“I just want to acknowledge all of the hard work we as a class have put into this booth. We’ve done really well and are planning on making this an annual event for our class next year and future senior classes to come,” said Leo Clendennen, 2018-2019 senior class president.

The money earned will go towards class expenses such as their upcoming senior trip.

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