Turkey-frying tips


Preparing your thanksgiving turkey could be dangerous, depending on the cooking method.
Deputy State Fire Marshal PIO Kevin Hoff offered safety tips for Thanksgiving turkey frying in a Nov. 20 press release.
"Deep frying turkey has gained a large following over the past several years, and for many, there is no other way to prepare a turkey," Hoff said. "Deep fryers can be dangerous and can cause injury and property damage if not used properly."
Hoff offered a list of tips for safe Turkey frying and consumption.
"Wear protective clothing in case of oil spatters. Safety gear includes gloves, apron, closed toed shoes, and eyewear.
"When choosing a location, ensuring your fryer is stable and in an open area well away from decks, houses, and combustibles is a must. In the event of a spill, fire, or other mishap, the situation will be easier to handle and less of a risk to your loved ones and property.
"Oil and water, liquid or frozen, do not mix. This is especially true when deep frying a turkey. The excess moisture can cause the oil to bubble and the steam can expand the oil causing it to overflow and catch fire. Always use a fully thawed turkey with fryer approved marinades.
"Always have at least one ABC dry chemical extinguisher nearby. Never use water to attempt to extinguish a grease fire as it can flare up and spread aggressively. Dry chemical extinguishers are a smart logical choice not only for deep frying, but everyday home safety."
Hoff added that you should never leave a deep fryer unattended and that you should always keep pets and kids away from the cooking area.
Stay safe this Thanksgiving; practice safe turkey-frying techniques.