The USGA got it wrong while DJ got it right—finally

Chris Cowbrough

What a bunch of self-important, pompous jerks. No, I’m not talking about Congress or the State Legislature—this time. I’m talking about the United States Golf Association pooh-bah’s who harrumph around like a bunch of overstuffed and grossly over-compensated CEOs Sunday afternoon at the U.S. Open.
No, you won’t find common sense defined anywhere in the Rules Of Golf.
What was supposed to be a great final round of U.S. Open high drama on the rigorous fairways and greens of Oakmont Country Club on Sunday turned into another ugly soap opera. The championship, ultimately won by the best player at Oakmont last week, Dustin “If It Wasn’t For Bad Luck I Wouldn’t Have Any At All” Johnson, was marred by questionable decision-making from the USGA flaks on the ground.
I don’t know about you, but I thought the whole mess was an embarrassing moment in golf history. The 116th U.S. Open was turned into a complete debacle on Sunday afternoon by the total lack of USGA common sense and fair play.
USGA officials approached Johnson on the 12th hole of Sunday’s final round and warned him he might be (and later was) penalized for an issue on the fifth green. On that slicker than a greased pig at a redneck’s picnic green, Johnson had called an official over after his ball moved ever so slightly (only Johnson could see that) on the green as he addressed his putt. After Johnson told the official he had nothing to do with the ball’s movement, he was allowed to finish the hole.