Victory Park breaks ground

Habitat for Humanity (HFH-CVP) has started construction on its Victory Park project, a multi-home unit that is being erected on 10 acres behind Colville Wal-Mart Super Center. The unit will consist of eight two-story homes and four garages. Each home will be 1,880 square feet with an attached garage. The main floor space will 1,440 square feet and the second floor 440 square feet. “We had hoped to break ground last fall, but we literally got our building permit the first day it snowed,” says Lisa Meddock, HFH-CVP Operations Manager. Two more families are needed to apply to live in the unit and provide the “sweat equity” that is required of every accepted applicant. “This is filling a need in our area,” Meddock states. “Low-income housing is in short supply. Plus this is a project that has been in the works for several years now and construction needs to get rolling.” The estimated cost for each set of town homes at this time is upwards of $80,000. Meddock adds that this figure is just for the home material costs, and does not include additional permits for electrical, plumbing and infrastructure costs. It has not yet been determined whether the homes will be heated with electricity or gas. There will be a common green area for families to share as well as fencing along the houses to provide the occupants with a sense of privacy. “Some of those costs have been paid or bids secured,” Meddock says. “We are needing to bring up all utilities to the site.” The estimated total cost of the project is around $320,000. “This is a revolving number due to building code changes and economic costs fluctuating,” says Meddock. The application process for those seeking to live in the Victory Park is no different than any other family that has applied for a Habitat home in the past. Applicants must put in a minimum of 500 hours of labor in “sweat equity” on their appointed home and pay off a 25 to 30 year mortgage. According to Meddock, the average mortgage on a HFH house in Colville, Chewelah and Kettle Falls is $350 to $400 a month, while the average monthly rent in Colville averages $700. “That’s money right back into the community,” says Meddock. Families are being selected to occupy a house in Victory Park already. Applications can be picked up at the Habitat for Humanity Thrift Store on Main Street in Colville.