VIDEO: Top Netflix shows to binge watch this Summer

Staff Writer

Everyone from *Orange Is The Knew Black* to *House of Cards* are back with new seasons…here are the top Netflix shows to *binge watch* this summer…. Claire is bringing her A-Game in the 5th season of 'House of Cards'… You don’t want to miss her new role in the White House… Plus, 'Orange Is the New Black' picks up right where it left off in a shocking premiere of season 5… Mystery favorite 'Stranger Things' is out with season 2... The family comedy will keep you entertained this summer. The drama continues in season 3 of fan favorite 'Bloodline'… and kicking off its second season 'Master Of None' starring comedian Aziz Ansari will have you laughing at every turn… So there they are…5 binge-worthy shows for all of your summer viewing!