Vote for best burger!

The time has come! After the success of last year's Best Coffee in Stevens County Contest, the Statesman-Examiner is back, asking you to vote in our 2013 Stevens County's Best Burger Contest! Exactly 14 businesses from Chewelah to Northport are participating, so make sure you support your favorite! Go to our website and vote on our poll: can vote as many times as you like, but our website server allows only one vote per IP address per day (24 hours). This prevents "ballot box stuffing" so to speak, so a person can't sit at their computer and continuously click on their favorite restaurant. If you are still having difficulties, try clearing your computer's history browser and cookies. We appreciate the participation we've received thus far, so keep those votes coming! Thanks, and may the best burger win!The winner will be announced March 6! The top three picks will be featured in the S-E. *A side note: If you do not see your favorite local restaurant on our poll, please be aware that no one was left out on purpose. Some businesses chose not to participate.At the beginning of the contest, our advertising representatives approached area restaurants and asked them if they would like to enter the contest for $100 (which includes advertising throughout the competition, as well as exposure on our website through the poll). Not all businesses that were asked wanted to join in, and that's okay! We still appreciate and love all our county eateries that make our area such a great place to dine out in.