Voters say 'no' to new taxes

Roger Harnack

Voters statewide are rejecting new taxes, although the wording of two Nov. 6 general election ballot measures may suggest otherwise.
An initial tally of ballots statewide tonight showed Initiative 1631 failing and Initiative 1634 passing.
I-1631 would have created a new carbon tax on some manufacturers; I-1634 closes a loophole that previously allowed municipalities to tax groceries.
Initial results show I-1631 was failing with 56.32 percent opposition statewide.
In Stevens County, 79.1 percent opposed the measure in the initial count.
I-1634 was passing by 54.8 percent voter support statewide. In Stevens County, 70.8 percent of voters approved the measure, which would prevent cities from imposing taxes on groceries.