Washington DNR reopens lands to recreation

Staff Writer

The Washington Department of Natural Resources reopened its lands east of the Cascades to recreation today (Sept. 18), after being closed since Sept. 8 due to wildfires spreading across the state.

"We are optimistic the weather will continue to cooperate, allowing us to reopen eastside recreation areas closed due to extreme wildfire danger and the risk to the public as they enter those lands through wildfire-impacted roads and towns," Commissioner of Public Lands Hilary Franz said in a press release.

The DNR said its resources remain thin preventing the start of a new fire, since well over 500,000 acres of land were burned by fires sparked on Labor Day weekend. A burn ban and shooting ban remains in place on all DNR-managed lands, which could effect modern rifle hunters in the coming weeks, though the upcoming weather forecast shows a decreased risk of large fires leaving the shooting ban subject to change.

For a full map of state land trusts click here: https://www.dnr.wa.gov/publications/eng_rms_state_trust_lands_map_sm2.pd...