Washington Gov. Inslee announces goals for a COVID-19 recovery plan

Staff Writer

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee announced a broad plan with no firm dates to return to a safe public life following the COVID-19 pandemic Wednesday evening.

Inslee said it is unlikely any restrictions under the current "Stay Home, Stay Healthy" order will be modified before May 4. Instead, he gave a vision of a three-goal plan to return to normalcy over the coming weeks or months to come.

"It will look more like the turning of the dial than the flip of a switch," Inslee said. "We're going to take steps and then monitor to see whether they work or if we must continue to adapt."

The first of those goals is to protect the health and safety of Washingtonians. That goal involves increasing the testing available for individuals who may have contracted the COVID-19 virus, by ramping up testing from the current test production of 4,000 a day to between 20,000-30,000 a day.

The second of those goals is to facilitate a safe start and transition to economic recovery. This involves providing guidelines for working safely until a vaccine for COVID-19 is available. Those measures include continued physical distancing and teleworking.

Lastly, Inslee's goal is to support all people and communities. This goal includes increased social and emotional supports, food and housing security, educational and child care support, internet infrastructure and equitable access to services.

"We are looking forward to making advances against this virus," Inslee said. "Only science, data and informed reasoning can lift us out of this crisis."