Washington receives statewide grade of 'B' for social distancing

Staff Writer

Social distancing grades were given out to states across the country by unacast, based on cell phone location data that showed how much people are moving around during the COVID-19 pandemic. As a state, Washington received a grade of 'B' with a 36% decrease in average distance travelled. Ferry County received the best grade in the Northeast corridor with an 'A' and decrease of 69% of distance travelled, which was the second most in the state. Stevens County had a decrease of 35%, Pend Oreille had a decrease of 34% and Spokane County had a decrease of 33%. All three of those counties received a 'B' grade.
The county with the largest decrease was Garfield with 71%. Adams, Columbia, Franklin, Lincoln, Kittitas and Whitman Counties all received 'F' grades with decreases less than 10%. Adams and Kittitas Counties had a decrease of 1%, which were the worst in the state.