'We're going to miss this building':McDonald's to be rebuilt

It’s a Friday morning and the group of five men, all over 60, meet in a booth near the front door of McDonalds in Colville, watching the comings and goingsat the fast food restaurant and good naturedly ribbing each other and the owner, Dick Bosin.“Dick has treated us well,” says Ron Tiner. “He’s only locked the door on us once.”“I was trying to convincethem that we were closed, but they got in anyway, despite my best efforts,” Bosin jokingly retaliates.The men laugh and take sips from their coffees; an everydayroutinethat McDonald’s has seen almost daily for the past 12 years.Soon though, the group will have to find a differentlocation for their coffee clutch to meet.On Thursday, Feb. 6, the McDonald’s in Colville will shutter its doors as it undergoes a three-month reconstruction from the ground up. Aficionados of fast-food fare will have to look elsewhere until the restaurant reopens at the end of May.The $2.5 million project includeseliminating the restaurant’sbasement and rebuilding a 4,200 square foot establishmentwith two drive-thru order points and one pay window and pick-up.*To read the full story, see the 2-5-14 edition of the S-E.