WIAA seeks input on changes to state basketball tournament

Staff Writer

The Washington Interscholastic Activities Association is seeking input on pending changes to the format of its state basketball tournament via survey on its website that can be accessed here: http://wiaa.com/News.aspx?ID=1707&Mon=5&Yr=2020.

The WIAA board is looking at three current options; two options would be super regional rounds and the other would be a combined district tournament held at the Yakima SunDome.

The first super regional option would feature two weeks of single elimination regional rounds at local high schools or colleges, leaving the top four schools from each classification to play at either the Tacoma Dome, Spokane Arena or Yakima SunDome. The 2A, 3A, and 4A classifications would play at the Tacoma Dome with their semifinals on Friday and championships on Saturday, while the 1B, 2B and 1A classifications would play a similar schedule at either the Yakima SunDome or Spokane Arena.

The second super regional option would have the same first week of single elimination play at local high schools or colleges, before having the second week played at the Yakima SunDome with 1B and 2B on Thursday, 1A and 2A on Friday and 3A and 4A on Saturday. The classifications would then be split for the semifinals and finals the same way as option one.

The third option is a week long combined district tournament held at the Yakima SunDome, with 1Bs playing Monday and Tuesday starting February 22, 2Bs playing Wednesday and Thursday and 1As playing Friday and Saturday. The 2A-4A classifications would do the same schedule starting March 1 and ending March 6, while the 1B-1A classifications would play its semifinals and championships on March 5-6 at the Spokane Arena. The 2A-4A classifications would play its championships at the Tacoma Dome on March 12-13.