Wolf kills cow in Kettle Range

Roger Harnack

The state Department of Fish and Wildlife confirmed today that a wolf killed a cow July 6 in the Old Profanity Territory of the Kettle Range.
The state Department of Fish and Wildlife said investigators concluded that the carcass of the cow showed definitive signs of a wolf attack.
There were bite lacerations and puncture wounds on the base of the tail, nose, inside of the right rear leg, left hamstring area, left flank, left front leg, right upper neck, and the chest area. Hemorrhaging accompanied the puncture wounds on the nose, tail, inside right rear leg, and the right upper neck, officials said. The carcass was mostly consumed.
“The damage to the carcass was indicative of wolf depredation,” a report said, noting wolf tracks were present.
Tracking collar data also placed wolves in the area, officials said, declining to provide a more specific location.