Wolf lethally removed from Wedge pack in Stevens County

Staff Writer

An adult, non-breeding female wolf was lethally removed from the Wedge pack in Northern Stevens County yesterday, according to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, following authorization from WDFW director Kelly Susewind on July 23.

The Wedge pack was recorded to have at least three non-breeding members according to the 2019 annual wolf report from the WDFW and Colville Confederate Tribes. Since May 11, the Wedge pack had been involved in 11 depredation events resulting in three dead and 11 injured livestock. Two of the dead livestock were killed in a depredation following Susewind's lethal authorization, in which the details have yet to be released.

The pack has prayed on cattle on both public and private grazing lands according to the WDFW. Leading up to the most recent depredation, two cattle producers had been effected on private property.

The WDFW said in the Wedge pack update that if another livestock depredation occurs after the lethal removal, the department may initiate another removal action.