Woodworker Network and Haus of Hardwoods

Occasionally great things can come from modest products, but at Haus of Hardwoods, great furniture comes from the highest quality hardwoods. For the avid woodworker, Haus of Hardwoods is the ideal location to buy the raw material to make benches, tables, chairs, dressers and more. Owners Peter and Toni Griessmann strive to source a variety of traditional hardwoods like Black Walnut and Cherry, as well as exotic species from Africa and Asia for their clientele. Haus of Hardwoods sells not only slabs and blocks of hardwood species, but can also trim the wood to specific sizes and dimensions with their professional grade planer and sander. Once a customer has purchased the desired hardwood for their project, they can source all the additional tools and materials from the Griessmann’s retail store, Woodworker Network. Griessmann said his enthusiasm for woodworking comes from his childhood where he watched his father and grandfather at the craft of making cabinets. “When you are younger you don’t appreciate the craft your parents or grandparents are involved in. But when you get older you realize how special it is,” he said. “I have come to that place where I have an inherent love for the product.” Griessmann said he also enjoys the challenge of running his own business after working for many years in the academic world. “I am an adrenaline junkie and this kind of work gives me that challenge,” he said. “If someone says ‘It won’t work’ I want to prove them wrong.” Along with a love for woodworking, Griessmann also has a strong knowledge base in the industry with a B.S. and M.S. in Forestry from Oregon State University. Peter worked for Washington State University Extension office from 1991 to 1999, but his love for woodworking remained constant. Initially he brought 5,000 board feet of premier hardwood with him from Oregon that he unloaded into Mabel Kegel’s barn to start his business.  Later he opened a hardwoods shop at 2nd and Washington in Colville.  In 1999 Greissman moved Haus of Hardwoods to its present location 10 miles south of Colville on Hwy 395. Flooring Along with selling woodworking materials and tools, Griessmann also installs custom hardwood floors using new methods that include dustless sanders and new finishes.  In the past, customers had to leave their home for weeks at a time in order to have their hardwood floors refinished, but customers need not have that inconvenience now. “If you have real wood, they can sand it off and stain it a new color as styles change,” said Greissman. For more info visit woodworkernetwork.com or call 684-1008.