Artwork by Maylea Moua of Visuals by Maylea

One of Spokane’s first recorded Chinese Lunar New Year’s celebrations took place in January 1889. “Thousands of crackers were fired, bombs exploded and Chinese rockets were sent heavenward,” wrote a reporter. (The Morning Review, "The Fusillade of Fun") “Hundreds of people, attracted by the noise, blocked the streets.” The unifying event brought people “no matter what race” together for the festivities as they feasted and enjoyed the entertainment. The last Chinese Lunar New Year in Spokane was a much different event. It was 1933 and times were hard. No work meant no money and no money meant no fireworks. For 89 years, this is the sad note that the city left things on, but on February 5, Spokane will be celebrating the Lunar New Year again! The big event will take place at Riverfront Park and attendees can look forward to fireworks, artists, giveaways, food trucks, craft stations, live cultural performances, and more! The hope within the Asian, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander community is not only to bring joyful Lunar New Year’s celebrations back to town, but to also bring to light Spokane's Asian history that many aren’t familiar with because it was buried and forgotten.


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