Spokane Bins

Spokane Bins opened in early February, just north of Downtown Spokane at 14 E. Mission #5. The store is a returned merchandise reseller and acquires returned products from Amazon which they then sell at a highly discounted rate. According to a study done by NRF, consumers returned an estimated $428 billion in merchandise to retailers in 2020, doubling 2019’s returns. As online shopping (along with online returns) becomes more popular, so do these types of businesses, but they have seen an even larger spike in popularity since going viral on TikTok and YouTube. Social media influencers will go to these stores for “treasure hunts” and try to find expensive items that they can buy for a fraction of the original price.

Despite the influx of “treasure hunters” and the large amount of these stores that you can find on the east coast, you’d be hard pressed to locate a returned reseller store in the PNW area. This is a big reason why the owners of Spokane Bins decided to open up their shop in Spokane. One of the co-owners, Michelle Miller explains, "As far as our understanding goes, we’re the only people to do this in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and so I think that’s what’s so exciting about bringing it here is that we’re going to be the only place doing this in this whole entire area.”

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